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Metal Science

The world of Minor Metals is diverse and exciting. The roles that these elements play in society, however, fundamentally pivots on their respective properties, interactions and histories. In a sense, this multi-billion dollar trade is slave to science – so it would be wise to try to grasp some of the concepts that surround these magnificent metals.

About Lipmann Walton & Co Ltd

Our job starts where minor metals are generated – sometimes at the mines where by-products arise through refining, sometimes as scrap or revert where minor metals return to the supply chain following a manufacturing process. Lipmann Walton also commissions on occasion the upgrading or refining of raw materials.

Lipmann Walton & Co Ltd. brings these metals to market, pre-financing purchases often in parts of the world with either inhospitable climates or political regimes or, quite possibly, both. The delivery of minor metals is essential to the manufacture of a host of products that we sometimes take for granted but without which the world would be, quite conceivably, a less congenial or efficient place.