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Ferro Titanium

Ferro-Titanium is the main noble ferro-alloy we trade at Lipmann Walton.  As with Copper-Zirconium and Ferro-Zirconium, we commission production of this alloy with our partners to our own specification, while controlling raw material input.  We typically hold in stock FeTi (70%) in the form of 5x50mm lumps.

Similar to other ferro alloys, FeTi is a means by which Titanium may be dosed into steel at a lower melting temperature and higher density than titanium scrap.  The titanium acts as a cleansing agent and stabiliser; it removes oxygen, sulphur, carbon and nitrogen and prevents chromium carbide formation.  The titanium reacts with these impurities which form insoluble compounds which are removed in the slag.  Like Zirconium, Titanium is also a grain refiner and hence both FeZr and FeTi additions to steel, provide a finer grain structure in the end-product (stainless steel, low-carbon steel, high-strength-low-alloy steels, boron steel).

Ferro-Titanium is a eutectic noble ferro-alloy made in an induction furnace by melting various grades of titanium scrap into iron.  Once cast, a 1mt Ferro-Titanium ingot will be crushed to the desired lump size customers require.  It is important to note that Ferro-Titanium in small granulations and powder is highly-pyrophoric but is used in the size of 0-2mm for charging to cored wire.  The greatest demand for FeTi is in the steel industry and is therefore typically sold via traders to steelworks or foundries worldwide.

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