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The World in 1953

  • Queen_Elizabeth_II« Queen Elizabeth ascended the throne of Great Britain and the Commonwealth
  • Hungary beat England at Wembley 6-3 with Ferenc Puskas
  • Cecil Woodham-Smith published ‘The Reason Why’ an investigation into ‘The Charge of the Light Brigade’.
  • Mervyn Peake’s book, ‘Mr Pye’, was published in 1953
  • Stalin died in 1953
  • DNAJames Watson & Francis Crick discover DNA (Deoxyriboneucleic acid) double helix »
  • Jan Struther, author of the Hymn ‘Lord of all hopefulness’ and creator of the wartime character of Mrs. Minever, died.
  • President Truman announces that the U.S. has developed a hydrogen bomb (Jan 7th)
  • 1953 sees the end of the Korean War (July 27th)
  • The academy awards are televised for the first time
  • Cambodia and Laos become independent from France
  • The Kenyan nationalist leader, Jomo Kenyatta is sentenced to 7 years imprisonment by British authorities.
  • Casino Royale book« Casino Royale (1st James Bond Book) was published in 1953.
  • The Samaritans is founded by Chad Varah at St Stephen’s Church, Walbrook in the City of London
  • King Hussein of Jordon came to the throne
  • Sir Edmund Hillary1st case of Myxomatosis is discovered on a farm near Edenbridge in Kent
  • Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay climbed Mount Everest »
  • ‘The Cruel Sea’ –  The famous 2nd World War film, based on the book by Nicholas Monsarrat (with screenplay by Eric Ambler), starring Jack Hawkins, was released.