The Gallium industry depends to some extent on the Alumina industry as it is a by-product of the processing of Bauxite into Alumina.

But not every Alumina plant has a Gallium circuit, hence some fairly volatile price fluctuations over the last few years. As many Alumina plants in the CIS and former satellite states have closed, so the supply of Gallium to the free market has waned. The main consumer is still the electronics industry.

We buy Gallium metal bars and shot Ga 99.9% to 99.9999% as well as Ga 99% for re-refining. Gallium has one of the lowest melting points 29.8 °C (see special metal facts !) and forms an amalgam with aluminium which can be sructurally destructive. Please consult IATA packing regulations as Gallium is hazardous to transport. We can buy in lots of 10kgs up to 300kgs.

Gallium Facts

Discovered in 1875 by Paul-Emile Lecoq de Boisbaudran in Paris, France, it is found in traces in Zn and Al minerals and in germanite (0.7% Ga).

The element is obtained by electrolysis of Ga salts. It dissolves in acids and alkalis and becomes coated with a thin oxide layer on heating in air.

Gallium has semiconductor properties as GaAs, and can be used as light emitting diodes and electrical devices.

Atomic no.
Relative Atomic Mass
Melting Point
Boiling Point
Electrical Resistivity
Young's Modulus
Heat Capacity
Thermal Conductivity
5907 kgm-3
270 nΩm
9.81 Gpa
25.86 J/K/mol
18 ppm
40.6 W/m/K 

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