Post Carbon Applications

New applications and technology which will be key in the growth of the post-carbon economy and industry 4.0.

Hydrogen Fuel Cells

PGMs are excellent catalysts that make chemical reactions take place at higher speed, at a lower temperature, and at higher rates of conversion...

5G & Fibre Optics

A smooth transition to 5G wireless networks will be entirely dependent on fibre-optic cables for their efficient delivery of data along the cables...

Amorphous Alloys

Over the years you may have heard of Liquidmetal®, VitreloyTM, Metallic Glass & Bulk Metallic Glasses, all virtually synonymous with...


That a panoply of metals could be recovered from the 50 million or so tonnes of E-waste we generate each year, is not a new concept.


Climate change caused by rising global CO2 is arguably the most important issue of today. A significant proportion of CO2 is emitted by...

Post-Covid, Post Carbon

The coronavirus global pandemic has been unprecedented and far-reaching in its primary effect on health and healthcare systems...

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