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Magnesium Chloride

Awareness of the positive effect of reducing meat in our diets, has produced an upsurge in the demand for healthy sources of protein.


The Chinese have been eating tofu (bean curds) for over two thousand years. It is thought that tofu was discovered by accident when soya milk accidently curdled in the presence of sea water. This today remains the main way to make tofu – Nigari (Magnesium chloride) crystals created from the evaporation of sea water is added to soya milk as a coagulant for making Tofu blocks upon cooling. But MgCl₂  is also generated right here in Europe and is just as useful, and generally cheaper. 


Lipmann Walton is experienced in the handling, stocking and delivery of MgCl₂  of food grade standard to Tofu makers in Europe. With much Nigari shipped all the way from Japan, we believe our local sustainable solution is of great interest to Tofu makers in UK and Europe, or even for selling back to Asian markets. With the upsurge in vegan and vegetarian diets, as well as the enjoyment of Asian cuisine, we see this as an interesting future business and will be pleased to receive enquiries from customers in the UK and Europe.

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