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Cobalt alloys

From our involvement in the processing and trade of Ni-base alloys, Lipmann Walton today also trades in certain Cobalt-base alloy scrap. 


Like with Ni-Alloy blades and casting scraps, we take into stock particular Co-alloy grades of interest, from the aerospace, IGT, and medical sectors for cleaning and processing via our partners, for re-sale as revert.  Typical grades we handle are: FSX414, ECY768, Stellite HS6, HS25 among others.


Lipmann Walton is also involved with various Cobalt containing alloy-scraps, powders and grindings for Cobalt refining or recovery - typical alloys are CoCrNi, CoNi, AlCo.

Cobalt-based alloy grades

  • FSX414

  • ECY768

  • Stellite HS6 

  • HS25

Cobalt-containing scrap 

  • CoCrNi

  • CoNi

  • AlCo

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