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19 Aug 2020

Mufulira Women's Rugby Tournament 2020

[We almost made it...and we'll be back!]

The scene: Mufulira Rugby Club 2019: I am travelling with Wendy Silver and others from the UK on the annual trip to Mufulira and we are invited for an evening drink and to see the Club. We watch the Men's training. They are called The Mufulira Leopards and the stadium is called 'The Leopard's Cage'.

The meeting: With Club Manager Barry Hodgkinson

Wendy's question: Do you have a women's team?

Yes: They are called 'The Leopardesses'

We meet the Women's Coach: Namasiku Mambo (Nami)

Barry: It would be great if you could bring a team of Women from UK to take part in the Muf 7s Tournament - Aug 1st/2nd 2020

Return to UK: Committee formed. £25,000 sponsorship raised from generous Rugby-supporting members of the metal trade.

Two teams picked to travel following enthusiasm and passion shown: 'Thamesians' of Surrey and 'Yeovil Ladies' of Somerset

Unfortunately: Covid

Among the teams in UK are: nurses, teachers, paramedics

But both teams are in touch and links formed

Travel arrangements: Deposits for flights returned. Sponsorship intact.

We'll be back: Maybe 2021, maybe later

Link to our Facebook page for Mufulira Women's 7s Rugby Tour 2020

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