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Post Carbon Applications

New applications and technology which will be key in the growth of the post-carbon economy and industry 4.0.


Wind Power

Worldwide addition of wind energy capacity has been breaking records year-on-year. As of 2021, global wind capacity stands at 744 Gigawatts...

fibre optic 5G.jpg

5G & Fibre Optics

A smooth transition to 5G wireless networks will be entirely dependent on fibre-optic cables for their efficient delivery of data along the cables...


Post Covid, Post Carbon

The coronavirus global pandemic has been unprecedented and far-reaching in its primary effect on health and healthcare systems...


Industry 4.0

We are in the nascent stages of Industry 4.0, although leading adopters mainly in the aerospace, automotive and electronics industries...


Nuclear Energy

Climate change caused by rising global CO2 is arguably the most important issue of today. A significant proportion of CO2 is emitted by...



That a panoply of metals could be recovered from the 50 million or so tonnes of E-waste we generate each year, is not a new concept.


Solar Energy

Earlier this year, we saw skies clearer than ever seen by our generation, as blankets of smog dissolved as an inadvertent side effect of efforts to contain...

hydrogen fuel cell.jpg

Hydrogen Fuel Cells

PGMs are excellent catalysts that make chemical reactions take place at higher speed, at a lower temperature, and at higher rates of conversion...

amorphous atoms.jpg

Amorphous Alloys

Over the years you may have heard of Liquidmetal®, VitreloyTM, Metallic Glass & Bulk Metallic Glasses, all virtually synonymous with...

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